Silence Is a Sense by Layla AlAmmar (available 3/16/21) is a transfixing and beautifully rendered novel about a Syrian refugee’s escape from civil war—and the healing power of community. In this excerpt, the unnamed narrator describes part of her journey through Europe on the way to England and contemplates the meanings hidden in the wordContinue reading

Kendra Atleework‘s debut book Miracle Country is a memoir of a person, a family—and a place. She grew up in Swall Meadows, California, in the Owens Valley of the Eastern Sierra Nevada, where annual rainfall averages five inches and in drought years measures closer to zero. And in this excerpt from Miracle Country, she explainsContinue reading

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Ross Gay. Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving Ross’ The Book of Delights to the mothers in your life. In this excerpt below, Ross shares a story about his own mother, along with two other essays from this collection. Written daily over one tumultuous year, these essays cover everything from taking aContinue reading

For Presidents Day, read this excerpt from Louis Bayard’s new novel, Courting Mr. Lincoln, coming April 23. It is the page-turning and surprising story of a young Abraham Lincoln and the two people who loved him best: a sparky, marriageable Mary Todd and Lincoln’s best friend, Joshua Speed. A fitting read for this holiday weekend.Continue reading

Today is publication day for Andrew Roe’s novel, The Miracle Girl. A car accident has left young Anabelle Vincent in a coma-like state-unable to move or speak. Then, a visiting friend experiences what seems like a miracle. There are more visitors. More miracles. But is there a connection? The Miracle Girl tells a story ofContinue reading

Chances are, Calvin Moretti, the main character of Kris D’Agostino’s The Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac, will remind you of someone you went to high school with. Calvin is a twenty-four-year-old film school dropout living at home again and working as an assistant teacher at a preschool for autistic kids. Disillusioned and frustrated, yet full of good intentions,Continue reading