Fall into Our Fabulous Nonfiction


From stories of struggle and perseverance to our human connection with animals, our lineup of nonfiction books this fall will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

Ordinary Girls by Jaquira Díaz

One of the most anticipated books of the year—Jaquira Díaz writes a fierce and eloquent memoir of her challenging girlhood and triumphant coming of age in Puerto Rico and Miami Beach.

Coming 10/29: pre-order now.


Who Says You’re Dead? by Jacob M. Appel

What would you do? Delve into hot-button issues of medical ethics as Dr. Jacob Appel unpacks each hypothetical situation, drawing from science, philosophy, and history.

Available now.

Our Wild Calling by Richard Louv

Richard Louv, author of the landmark book Last Child in the Woods, now redefines the future of human-animal coexistence, exploring these powerful and mysterious bonds and how they can transform our mental, physical, and spiritual lives.

Coming 11/5: pre-order now.


Burning Down the Haus by Tim Mohr

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tim Mohr’s rollicking, cinematic book traces how punk rock led to revolution in East Germany. “Thrilling and essential” —Rolling Stone

Now in paperback.


Mighty Justice by Dovey Johnson Roundtree and Katie McCabe

More people—everyone!—should know about the inspiring life of Dovey Johnson Roundtree, a trailblazing civil rights attorney who sought justice and broke color barriers.

Coming 11/5: pre-order now.


What Unites Us by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner

Dan Rather’s trusted voice brings us together in a fractured moment for our country. This instant bestseller offers “a tonic for our times” (USA Today).

Now in paperback.


Crossfire Hurricane by Josh Campbell

As we’re all struggling to make sense of the headlines greeting us each day, Crossfire Hurricane provides a road map to a news cycle careening out of control.

Available now.

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