For Fathers (and Sons)

With Father’s Day this Sunday, we’re gathering up this collection of books about men coming to understand their dads — and themselves — through a variety of paths. (It’s not too late to buy these as e-book gifts for Dad!)

my-father's-paradise-blogMy Father’s Paradise by Ariel Sabar: Yona’s son Ariel knew little of his father’s history. Growing up in Los Angeles, where Yona had become an esteemed professor at UCLA and had dedicated his career to preserving his people’s traditions, Ariel wanted nothing to do with his father’s strange immigrant heritage. Until he had a son of his own. My Father’s Paradise is Ariel Sabar’s quest to reconcile present and past. As Ariel and his father travel together into today’s postwar Iraq to find what’s left of Yona’s birthplace, Sabar brings to life the ancient town of Zakho, telling his family’s story and discovering their place in the sweeping saga of the Sephardic Jews’ millennia-long survival in Islamic lands.

son-of-the-game-blogA Son of the Game by James Dodson: When acclaimed golf writer James Dodson leaves his home in Maine to revisit Pinehurst, North Carolina, where his father first taught him the game that would shape his life and career, he’s at a point where he has lost direction. But once there, the curative power of the sandhills region not only helps him find a new career working for the local paper but also reignites his flagging passion for the game of golf. And, perhaps more significantly, it inspires him to try to pass along to his teenage son the same sense of joy and contentment he has found in the game, and to recall the many colorful and lifelong friends he has met on the links.

father-and-son-blogFather and Son by Larry Brown: This classic face-off of good against evil is told in the clear, unflinching voice that won Larry Brown some of literature’s most prestigious awards. And, reverberating with dark excitement, biblical echoes, and a fast, cinematic pacing, this novel puts a new side of his genius on display — the ability to build suspense to an almost unbearable pitch. Father and Son is the story of a powerfully complex kinship, an exhilarating and heart-stopping story.


My-Fathers-Guitar-bogMy Father’s Guitar and Other Imaginary Things by Joseph Skibell: Did Joseph Skibell’s father trick him when he offered his beautiful guitar and then delivered a not-so-beautiful one? Can it be that the telemarketer calling at dinnertime is a thoughtful, sensitive person also looking for a Utopian world? Can a father have any control over his teenage daughter’s sex life? Can a son have control over his father’s expectations? The award-winning writer ponders these and other bewildering questions in his first nonfiction book. Coming October 27. Order now.

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