Happy Hours: Of All the Gin Joints Pub Day

Gin-Joints-poster-grab-siteHemingway_Bailey_Gin_Joints_rgb_LRWe waited as long as we could. We know it’s not happy hour yet. Heck, it’s not even tea time. But it is time to get the party started, time to celebrate publication day for Of All the Gin Joints!

This book provides many happy hours, after all, as we stumble our way through Hollywood history with Mark Bailey and Edward Hemingway.

“An irresistible compendium of Hollywood inebriates. It’s one part history, one part cocktail recipe book, topped off with soulful black-and-white caricatures of soused stars from Fatty Arbuckle to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton,” as Megan Labrise describes it in Kirkus today.

True tales of celebrity hijinks are served up with an equal measure of Hollywood history, movie-star mayhem, and a frothy mix of forty cocktail recipes — plus Edward Hemingway’s fantastic illustrations.

“This book is like being at the best dinner party in the world,” says Chelsea Handler. And she would definitely know about having a good drink and a good time.

Here’s your chance to join the party: Enter for your chance to win a copy of Of All the Gin Joints. Cheers!

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