Miracle Country Author Kendra Atleework’s Guide to Bishop, CA

In Miracle Country, author Kendra Atleework introduces us to her hometown of Bishop, California, telling a sweeping story of flight and family that is inextricable from the harsh natural beauty of the Swall Meadow, in the Owens Valley of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Now, Kendra gives us the insider secrets – the best places to visit in Bishop. 

This is a bit like trying to rank your children—my dad and I co-wrote a recreation guidebook for our area he sells locally. This process consisted of my distilling more than three decades of knowledge from his head and writing it down, about all the hundreds of lifetimes worth of amazing things to do and see here. But here are five breathtaking and relatively accessible natural attractions in the Eastern Sierra region:

Five Places Tourists Should See

Kendra and her friends at Alabama Hills.
  1. Alabama Hills: Amazing rock formations in the desert—near community of Lone Pine.
  2. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest:  Oldest trees in the world, on the cover of Miracle Country! Cool hikes—near Big Pine/Bishop.
Bishop Creek Drainage Area

3. Bishop Creek Drainage Area: Gorgeous mountain lakes and hiking—near Bishop.

4. Upper Rock Creek Trail: More gorgeous lakes—near Crowley.

5. Minaret Vista: Beautiful overlook of the jagged Sierra Nevada—near Mammoth Lakes.

Five Spots in Bishop Beloved by Locals

One of Kendra’s dad’s maps

1. Spellbinder Books: Our local indie bookstore! Also art and gifts made locally and a nice vibe.

2. Pupfish Cafe: Attached to Spellbinder, small and cute with excellent drinks and food using responsibly sourced ingredients.

3. Mountain Rambler Brewery: Good food, good people, live music!

4. Great Basin Bakery: The locals’ bakery. Excellent sandwiches and all the baked things.

5. Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center: Stop by and learn about the vital past and contemporary indigenous culture of Payahuunadu (land of flowing waters)/Owens Valley.

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