Page of the Day: Days 59 through 65

Welcome back to Page of the Day! For 100 Days, we are sharing 100 pages of 100 books – page by page, in order on our Instagram page. With each different day, a different book is featured. From advanced reader copies of upcoming releases to new paperback editions, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse – and read a short passage – from books perfect for summer reading. Here are those short passages from Days 59 through 65:

Day 59: The Collector’s Apprentice by B. A. Shapiro

“Henri appraises her frankly. ‘There is nothing more devastating than a beautiful woman with a great understanding art.’

‘No,’ she corrects him. ‘There is nothing more devastating than a man who creates great art.’

They laugh, delighted with each other, and dive into a discussion about the interplay of Fauvism, Cubism, and what Henri is trying to achieve that’s different from the other two.”

Day 60: The Opposite of Hate by Sally Kohn

“We all think we’re suffering worse – and then feel justified in marginalizing those we believe are not suffering or even causing our suffering. For instance, studies suggest that bullies experience higher than average shame about their own shortcomings. And competitive victimhood also helps to explain why, according to polls, a majority of white Americans perceive that they are more victimized than black Americans. We divide ourselves up into in-groups and out-groups and then think our group has it worse.”

Day 61: Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“Papa-Nnukwu had called an umunna meeting to complain to the extended family that he did not know his grandchildren and we did not know him. Papa-Nnukwu had told Jaja and me this, as Papa did not tell us such things. Papa-Nnukwu had told the umunna how Papa had offered to build him a house, buy him a car, and hire him a driver, as long as he converted and threw away the chi in the thatch shrine in his yard. Papa-Nnukwu laughed and said he simply wanted to see his grandchildren when he could. He would not throw away his chi; he had already told Papa this many times.”

Day 62: Strangers in Budapest by Jessica Keener

“They went back down in the elevator and passed the super again, standing at the door finishing a smoke.

‘God, she’s miserable.’ Annie said once they stepped outside.

‘So am I right now.’

‘I know. I’m sorry.’

Will pulled out his street map. ‘We need to cross the river and then it’s just a few blocks from there.’

She felt bad for him, but the super’s misery had gotten under her skin.

‘Seriously. Can you imagine living her life?’ ”

Day 63: Damnation Island by Stacy Horn

“A doctor who’d been present at the inquest into Maria Ottmer’s death testified that Dr. Leonard Pitkin’s testimony (the doctor who refused to move Maria to the hospital) ‘would have disgraced a first-class horse medical student in his utter ignorance of the system.’ Everything about the management of asylums had to be overhauled, he continued, but in particular the practice of hiring inexperienced young men like Pitkin, then turning them ‘loose in insane asylums, apparently under the presumption that the insane, of all classes of invalids, require less medical care.’ ”

Day 64: Seaweed Chronicles by Susan Hand Shetterly

“ ‘As fish grow they need larger shelters, so they shift from one shelter size to the next, then to the next,’ Ted explains. ‘If those are widely spaced, they get eaten. They need to be able to get from one shelter area to another. Seaweeds can help them do that. Rocky areas, sandy areas, kelps and other seaweeds: fish need a plethora of habitat types – we call them benthic structures – rich, diverse habitats that allow these critters to grow.’ ”

Day 65: Blood Highway by Gina Wohlsdorf

“ ‘We’re gonna need some time,’ he said. ‘Leave the pot. No refills or anything.’

I thought that was a bit much.

‘Better?’ he asked me. He slid a steaming mug across the table.

I dumped my cream to make it pale tan and pulled my knees up under my chin, turning to look out the window. ‘Why are we here?’

‘I figured you were hungry.’

‘Why are we really here?’ ”

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