Summer lovin' 1978

Summer sun, something’s begun. It’s Week No. 3 of our SummerTime Warp Again. We’re paying tribute to the books, movies, television shows, and songs that made summer special for five weeks, running from 1976 to 1980. The Glory Days, as we like to call them. Summer days driftin’ away.

Today, we’re going back to the week of July 23, 1978.  Share with us your summer “Blast from the Past” favorites — no matter what year it might, from 1900 to 2011. Tell us what you were reading in your memorable summers. By commenting below, you’ll be entered to win your very own Pawley’s Island Rope Hammock. Now there’s a great way to swing into the heat of summer reading!


Grease: So let’s dive int 1978 with a delightfully catchy song. Gather your office mates, friends and family. Choose the Pink Ladies and the Thunderbirds. You, of course, get to be Sandy or Danny. Your call. And then get your dance moves down for Summer Nights. (If you need inspiration, here’s a stop-action Lego version of the true high school musical. Yes, stop-action Legos. )

[Danny] Summer lovin’ had me a blast

[Sandy] Summer lovin’ happened so fast

[Danny] I met a girl crazy for me

[Sandy] Met a boy cute as can be

[Both] Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights

[Everyone] Uh Well-a well-a well-a huh

[Thunderbirds] Tell me more, tell me more

[Doody] Did you get very far?

[Pink Ladies] Tell me more, tell me more

[Marty] Like does he have a car?

[Everyone] Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

Chesapeake by James Michener: Here’s what Kirkus Review had to say on July 1, 1978 about the 896-page epic: “…on such matters as shipbuilding, oystering, duck-hunting, Jimmy the blue crab (“that delicious crustacean”), and Onk-or the goose, Michener is a grand popularizer of craft and science. That considerable gift, together with the immense Michener clout, is sure to send millions of readers plunging into what seems like a million blandly readable pages of humdrum history and formula fiction.”

Scruples by Judith Krantz: Publishers Weekly said, back in the day, “Picking up on Oscar night, where Krantz’s 1977 blockbuster first novel left off, this sequel is long on background filler, short on suspense, rarely exciting or even steamy.” It was a No. 1 bestseller that stayed on the New York Times list for a year.

“Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb: Seven summer weeks at No. 1 and platinum status for the smooth sound of the littlest Gibb bro. Following up “I Just Want to be Your Everything” and “(Love is) Thicker than Water,”Andy became the first male solo artist to have three consecutive number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Click here to see Andy’s Solid Gold performance (special bonus: Marilyn McCoo introduces him). You got me looking at that heaven in your eyes I was chasing your direction I was telling you no lies. And I was loving you.

Fantasy Island: We’ve got four words for you: “da plane, da plane.” At today’s prices, the $50,000 for a three-day stay on Fantasy Island seems like a relative bargain. Three-piece white suit not included. Click here to welcome guests (including Sandra Dee and Peter Lawford) along with Mr. Roarke and Tattoo.


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4 comments on “Summer lovin' 1978

  1. In July ’75, I was trapped in the Rome airport by strike, in a room full on American tourists, surrounded by armed Italian army guards. Sitting on my suitcase, I read a borrowed “Carrie” in one sitting. It still ranks as the scariest book I’ve ever read. Maybe it was the guns. Probably not.

  2. Oh my goodness, this takes me back! I was sixteen in 1978 and I remember waiting forever to go see Grease. I loved the songs, played the album constantly. I also adored Andy Gibbs and now I can’t get “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” out of my head. (but I don’t mind)

  3. Wow 1978. I know I was still working my way through John Jakes’ American Bicentenial series (as The Daily Kos put it they are so bad they are good but I could not stop reading them!). I know I was reading Cheasapeake that summer also. I loved Michener books. I think I was re-reading Dracula that summer also. Not to read a “classic” mind you, but to read horror/vampire stories!

  4. I was just thinking about 1978 the other day, because the radio was playing the top hits from that year. It was a great year for music and film. I bet I went to see Grease with my friends at least half a dozen times.

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