What to Read in 2013 With the New Year come new books from some of Algonquin’s classic authors. Dive into wonderful works from the likes of Lee Smith, Robert Morgan, Jill McCorkle, Amy Stewart, and more. You can buy these Lucky 7 e-books for just $1.99 throughout January—and each one comes with a special previewContinue reading

This summer I’m revisiting Sinclair Lewis, whom despite being the first American writer awarded the Nobel, along with the first to refuse the Pulitzer, seems to have fallen out of vogue in recent decades, but appears to be making a comeback, along with Thomas Wolfe. For my money, Lewis is the quintessential Great American Novelist.Continue reading

Lauren Grodstein and Wendy McClure dole out the writing wisdom as they discuss starting new projects, Little House on the Prairie, and why good authors are born rather than made. Lauren Grodstein is the author of the New York Times Editor’s Pick A Friend of the Family. Wendy McClure recently published the critically acclaimed memoirContinue reading