We’ve been hunkered down all day here in Chapel Hill, where we’re taking on the front end of Winter Storm Jonas. The accumulating white precipitation of all forms has inspired us to come up with this reading list for a snowy day. (Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep us from our appointed reading.)Continue reading

Read some of our bestselling novels for just $1.99 this month — and get free previews of  soon-to-be-bestselling (fingers crossed) books coming out this fall. Each one of these e-books contains a sneak peek of the author’s upcoming book. You can see the future – now! It’s like your own version of Back to theContinue reading

“It’s okay to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful you’re going to have to pass through all right. And when you get to all right, take a good look around and get used to it because that may be as far as you’re going to go.”  Heading Out to Wonderful doesContinue reading

We’re back with our final excerpt from Robert Goolrick‘s highly acclaimed new novel, Heading Out to Wonderful, which will be hitting bookstores in just days. You can click here, here and here to read the three previous excerpts, and be sure to check out an essay by Goolrick about his inspiration for the novel. Today is the last chance to enter for aContinue reading

Today, we share another excerpt from Robert Goolrick’s upcoming novel Heading Out to Wonderful — and a chance to win a signed copy. Heading Out to Wonderful will be hitting bookstores, both online and bricks-and mortar, in just days. But you can read from it now: Be sure to check out the yesterday’s excerpt as wellContinue reading

A huge success in the UK, World Book Night is making its way to the US! Today all around the country volunteers are giving away ONE MILLION FREE BOOKS. Yes, you read it right – one million free books. With the help of every book publisher, UPS, American Library Association, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores around the country,Continue reading