Hello to all you Algonquinites, and welcome to the best type of road trip in America—a bookstore road trip. My name is David Bradley, former Algonquin intern, bookophile, and blogger. And now I’m taking the coolest road trip this side of the Mississippi. And the other side of the Mississippi, too. I’m crossing the country toContinue reading

$1.99 e-book TODAY Until the Next Time by Kevin Fox For Sean Corrigan the past is simply what happened yesterday, until his twenty-first birthday, when he is given a journal left him by his father’s brother Michael—a man he had not known existed. The journal, kept after his uncle fled from New York City toContinue reading

        Today we share our third installment in our Ask An Algonquin Editor series. Senior editor Kathy Pories knows that while many readers would never admit it, we often judge a book by its cover. She answers the question, “Why is a paperback jacket often different from its hardcover version?” Kathy shares theContinue reading

Name: Stacie Michelle Williams Bookstore: Boswell Book Company Title: We’re still working on one, but I do a lot with author events Brief Bio.: A lifelong bibliophile who taught herself to read by age 5 and self-recorded an audiobook (Mickey & the Magic Bean Grinder) onto cassette at 7, Stacie has been shelving books by subject, title,Continue reading

Summer’s winding down, but we still have plenty of time left to cram in more summer reading, right? We recently asked our authors to tell us about their favorite summer reads, whether from recent memory or the distant past. The variety of books they came up with is really kind of amazing. Herewith, Part 1.Continue reading

Before embarking on any author/editor relationship, I—as the editor—like to get to know the other person at least a little bit. That way I can avoid the true crazies and focus on the merely wildly eccentric (and what writer worth his/her salt isn’t a little bit crazy?). And after my first conversation with Jonathan Evison,Continue reading