A while back, we noticed a few of our authors share a common interest — beyond writing, that is. They love their cowboy boots, especially when they’re out on the dusty book-tour trail. We asked these cowboy-boot-loving authors to share their soles, as it were. Today, Michael Parker explains that there’s no fooling around whenContinue reading

Two strangers meet on a windswept car lot in West Texas. Marcus is fleeing the disastrous fallout of chasing a lifelong dream; Maria is returning to the hometown she fled years ago. They begin to argue over the car that they both desperately want—a low-slung sky-blue twenty-year-old Buick Electra. Marcus and Maria, after knowing eachContinue reading

Michael Parker woke up one night with the image of a man and a woman meeting in a used car lot fresh in his mind.  But that was it.  So what then?  “I did what I always do when writing anything: I asked myself, over and over, in as many ways as the question canContinue reading