Our director of marketing and sales, the inimitable Craig Popelars, is a self-proclaimed savant of the secondary characters from beloved holiday movies. He’ll see your Cindy Lou Who and raise you a Prancer. (After all, we do love a good character-driven story here at Algonquin.) As his email-stocking-stuffer gift to us all, Craig presents thisContinue reading

Last week in group therapy, people were complaining about the upcoming holidays. It was the seventh day of Hanukkah – that night, we’d be lighting the menorah for the last night – so I wasn’t sure what they meant. Upcoming holidays? — People often say things like, “Hanukkah is early this year,” when they shouldContinue reading

It’s the week between Christmas and New Years. The joy and excitement (and stress) of Christmas are over, but the decorations can still be left alone. For now, at least. The New Year is just around the corner, ready to be filled with resolutions and bold new habits, but right now they only exist asContinue reading

Welcome to Merry Christmas Week on the Algonquin Books Blog! To prepare you for all your holiday festivities, we’ve got decadent recipes and seasonal drinks and Christmassy stories from Algonquin authors, all week long! And whether you’re celebrating Christmas, or just enjoying the holiday season, we wish you all ten extra pounds and plenty ofContinue reading