After more than 50 years working in the publishing industry, in part at Dell/Delacorte and Simon & Schuster in New York, and for the last 16 years working as Executive Editor here at Algonquin Books, the one and only Chuck Adams is leaving full-time work at the end of this year. To say we willContinue reading

There are stories that you can’t put down, and there are those that you can’t wait to put down. The difference? Often, it comes down to tension. What’s pulling the readers through, hurtling them headlong toward the gripping conclusion? If your story isn’t quite grabbing readers, these insights from our editors might shed light onContinue reading

In this high-wire act of derring-do and ersatz dialogue, senior editor Kathy Pories and executive editor Chuck Adams discuss one of the most challenging aspects of craft. Kathy: “Nice weather we’re having. Aren’t you sick of this rain?” Chuck: “I don’t know. I think it’s better than all the heat we usually have. Don’t youContinue reading

Few bits of writing wisdom are doled out more avidly than that old chestnut about writing what you know, meaning writing from your own experience. It makes sense, of course. It’s a logical path to crafting fiction that feels true. But it’s also the kind of advice that can have a paralyzing effect on aContinue reading

The amazing Chuck Adams, editor of great and well-earned acclaim, explains how and why he responds so profoundly to Ellen Gilchrist’s new collection, Acts of God. After you read what Chuck has written, you will have no choice but to enter for a chance to win a copy of Acts of God — “storytelling at itsContinue reading

It’s Monday, which means we’re just a bit more than a week away from the publication of Jonathan Evison’s highly acclaimed and greatly anticipated new novel, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving. And Monday means we’re giving away one copy of The Revised Fundamentals to one randomly chosen person. Just fill out the form below forContinue reading