There’s nothing quite like the pairing of a good book and good cocktail. When bestselling author B.A. Shapiro provided the first part — a good book (a really good book) — with her brand new novel, The Collector’s Apprentice, full of art, history and mystery set in 1920s Paris, well, then, Nick Petrulakis of BrooklineContinue reading

The annual Oscar Awards show means it’s time to party like a Hollywood star. No, don’t expect anyone to ask you who you’re wearing. And TMZ won’t be tracking your every move. But Of All the Gin Joints by Mark Bailey and Edward Hemingway will help you drink like an Academy Award winner. Use thisContinue reading

We’ll keep this short and sweet (and with a raw egg, too) for those of you who might be too bleary-eyed for much Jan. 1 reading. Courtesy of  Of All the Gin Joints, written by Mark Bailey and illustrated by Edward Hemingway, here’s actor Robert Mitchum’s hangover cure: Mitchum’s Eye-Opener 2 ounces bourbon 3 ouncesContinue reading

Fill the holiday season with tales and toddies, conversation and cocktails. These two books toast you and yours with merry reading — and even merrier drinking. Of All the Gin Joints by Mark Bailey, illustrated by Edward Hemingway True tales of celebrity hijinks are served up with an equal measure of Hollywood history, movie-star mayhem,Continue reading

We waited as long as we could. We know it’s not happy hour yet. Heck, it’s not even tea time. But it is time to get the party started, time to celebrate publication day for Of All the Gin Joints! This book provides many happy hours, after all, as we stumble our way through HollywoodContinue reading

The golden days of Hollywood featured celebrities with larger-than-life personalities and even grander drinking habits. Mark Bailey dives deep into Tinseltown lore, revealing the legendary alcohol-fueled fights, drunken seductions and movie set sagas — brought to life by Edward Hemingway’s spirited illustrations — in Of All the Gin Joints. This book is like having your ownContinue reading