This month’s installment of “Algonquin Appraisals” brings you everything from Gold Rush trivia to an unexpectedly valuable sewing chest. If you’d like your own treasures appraised, shoot me an email at brittany AT algonquin DOT com for more details. -Brittany Algonquin: I found this unusual coin while going through my grandfather’s possessions. It’s1.25 inches inContinue reading

Welcome to January’s Algonquin Appraisals! Author and former Sotheby’s appraiser Emyl Jenkins takes a gander at staffers and  readers’ prized possessions. Doing some cleaning for the New Year and want help separating potential treasures from junk? Shoot me an email at brittany [at] algonquin [dot] com for submission guidelines! –Brittany The first two questions answeredContinue reading

Welcome to the December edition of Emyl Jenkins’ Algonquin Appraisals. We had some great entries from readers this time around, and we hope more of you will be inspired to submit your own treasures (interpret that as you will) for appraisal in January! Just contact me at brittany AT algonquin DOT com for guidelines. -BrittanyContinue reading

Welcome to the second installation of Emyl Jenkins’ Algonquin appraisals. The author of the Sterling Glass mysteries, The Big Steal and Stealing with Style, gives us the lowdown on our office treasures. Want in on the action? Shoot me an email at for information on how to submit your own antique for appraisal onContinue reading

Today’s post comes from Emyl Jenkins, author of the popular Sterling Glass mysteries The Big Steal and Stealing with Style. Jenkins’ heroine Sterling Glass uses her appraisal skills to navigate the tricky—and often dangerous—world of antiques. The author herself is a longtime antiques appraiser who has worked at two auction houses and written numerous booksContinue reading