These days, we’re all spending our work time, free time, and social time at home. That means it’s time to pick up some new hobbies, and William Alexander knows just the thing—or three—you can do. If you’ve found yourself contemplating a sourdough starter or dreaming about starting the perfect garden, why not get a littleContinue reading

William Alexander set out to master the Art of French Speaking in his New York Times bestseller, Flirting with French. Hand in hand with speaking French is eating French food. And cooking French food. Oh, the food — magnifique! In honor of Bastille Day on July 14, here’s an excerpt from Flirting with French aboutContinue reading

A very happy Bastille Day to you, or as the French would say, bonne fête nationale! Whether you’re obsessed with all things French or you’ve just seen Les Miserables too many times, July 14 is the day to revel in the sights, sounds and tastes of bleu-blanc-rouge. We’re thinking croissant and jam, champagne* and brie,Continue reading

William Alexander has always wanted to be French. One petite problem: He can’t actually speak French. So, he immerses himself in the language, studies hard, travels to France, and discovers that  — voila! — he still can’t really speak French. But the beauty is in the struggle, as he describes in delightful detail in his upcomingContinue reading

As we head into the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day weekend, we wondered about which books captured our authors’ attention during the dog days. “My favorite book of the summer was James Salter’s All That Is.  Incredibly, Salter published this recent novel when he was 88 years old, and yet his writing isContinue reading

For the most French of days, William Alexander, author of The $64 Tomato and the upcoming Flirting with French, shares some of France’s charms. Vive la France! It’s Bastille Day! Never mind that the site of the famed fortress that once imprisoned the likes of Voltaire and the Marquis de Sade is now an utterly mundane traffic circleContinue reading