The first page is what gets you. You cautiously open the book, careful not to crack the spine — not yet — and you glance at the first page. Chapter One. Maybe the Introduction. You’re wary, but you’re going to give the book a chance. Let’s see if the first sentence can grab me. AndContinue reading

Before the unofficial start of the unofficial week-long celebration of July 4th, the unofficial start of summer, be sure to pick up a copy of the unofficial book of summer. Robert Goolrick’s Heading Out to Wonderful was on just about every summer reading list. Here are just a few:  USA Today’s summer books preview  O,Continue reading

“It’s okay to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful you’re going to have to pass through all right. And when you get to all right, take a good look around and get used to it because that may be as far as you’re going to go.”  Heading Out to Wonderful doesContinue reading

Congratulations to the winners of our Heading Out to Wonderful giveaway! The 25 randomly selected readers have already been notified — and their signed copies of Robert Goolrick’s new novel are on their way. For the rest of us, Heading Out to Wonderful officially hits bookstores and websites tomorrow. You can purchase Heading Out to Wonderful at IndieBound independent bookstores, Powell’s, BarnesContinue reading

We’re back with our final excerpt from Robert Goolrick‘s highly acclaimed new novel, Heading Out to Wonderful, which will be hitting bookstores in just days. You can click here, here and here to read the three previous excerpts, and be sure to check out an essay by Goolrick about his inspiration for the novel. Today is the last chance to enter for aContinue reading

  From everyone here at Algonquin, we wish you a happy Memorial Day weekend. If you need some holiday weekend reading, check out the excerpts from Robert Goolrick’s Heading Out to Wonderful that we’ve been running on our blog. Click to read the first one, the second one, the third one, plus the essay aboutContinue reading