Just in time for Lee Smith‘s highly anticipated new novel, Guests on Earth, here’s a chance to read her other wonderful novels — each with a FREE preview of Guests on Earth! —  just $1.99 each for the e-book. Plus Lee chose three of her favorites by Algonquin authors to share, ones from Robert Morgan,Continue reading

Notebooks, papers, pens — oh my! No matter how long it has been since we were in school, come August, the back-to-the-books thoughts creep into our minds. But we have a bevvy of bold and brainy e-books for this month’s Lucky 7 list. Each e-book is just $1.99 throughout August. Don’t play hooky from theseContinue reading

This week is the unofficial start of the vacation season. Summer days are meant for exploring — whether through travel, reading, or both. And we’ve got the perfect collection of e-books for those of you who have already hit the road and those of you who are still in the planning (or just dreaming) stages.Continue reading

Good things come in small packages, the saying goes. And this month’s batch of short story collections certainly proves it right—and at a small price. Each e-book is just $1.99 throughout May and includes a free preview of Bobcat and Other Stories, Rebecca Lee’s hotly anticipated new story collection.       Facing the MusicContinue reading

From Freudian to sentimental, our thoughts turn to mom this time of year. This month’s collection of Lucky 7 e-books–just $1.99 each through April 30–looks at the complex, comforting, and confounding relationships between mothers and children. Each e-book also contains a free preview of What My Mother Gave Me, the upcoming anthology edited by ElizabethContinue reading

March Madness, spring training, and the soon-to-bloom azaleas at Augusta National beckon us this time of year. It’s the sporting season, and we have just the e-books to get you in the swing. Buy any of these e-books for just $1.99 throughout March, and go inside the games to the stories that stir us andContinue reading