In this high-wire act of derring-do and ersatz dialogue, senior editor Kathy Pories and executive editor Chuck Adams discuss one of the most challenging aspects of craft. Kathy: “Nice weather we’re having. Aren’t you sick of this rain?” Chuck: “I don’t know. I think it’s better than all the heat we usually have. Don’t youContinue reading

Few bits of writing wisdom are doled out more avidly than that old chestnut about writing what you know, meaning writing from your own experience. It makes sense, of course. It’s a logical path to crafting fiction that feels true. But it’s also the kind of advice that can have a paralyzing effect on aContinue reading

Algonquin is one of a dwindling number of publishing houses that still accepts unsolicited queries, and we accept them only through regular mail. Since you’ve worked so hard already and may soon be adding a stamp and a trip to the post office to your list of Things You’ve Endured to Get This Puppy OutContinue reading

Readers often wonder about the behind-the-scenes aspects of book publishing, and jacket design can seem especially mysterious. So today, Creative Director Anne Winslow explains how the gorgeous jacket for Krista Bremer’s profound and moving memoir, My Accidental Jihad, came about. “The challenge with this jacket was to find a way to show a mix ofContinue reading

Gary Hawkins had been well versed in the real and fictional worlds of Larry Brown long before his screen adaptation of Brown’s critically acclaimed novel Joe premiered earlier this month. Yet, even a decade after writing the screenplay, the North Carolina-based screenwriter and filmmaker (the Rough South series) had no idea there was a “real”Continue reading

Anyone  who spends hours at a time holed up inside his or her imagination knows that where we work can be vital to what we create. Our workspace anchors us to the real world and helps keep us going when the words won’t flow. Today, Krista Bremer, author of the moving memoir My Accidental Jihad:Continue reading