We at Algonquin process, well, everything by reading books. We look to them for comfort and understanding in difficult times so we’re sharing three reading lists in the hope that these books might help you, too. Sending peace, hope, and strength to readers everywhere. The books listed here offer insight about war from people who’veContinue reading

We’ve been hunkered down all day here in Chapel Hill, where we’re taking on the front end of Winter Storm Jonas. The accumulating white precipitation of all forms has inspired us to come up with this reading list for a snowy day. (Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep us from our appointed reading.)Continue reading

Welcome to the final installment of Algonquin’s Giveaway Week! It’s been a week of wonderful books, but Friday we’re in love with Robert Olmstead’s The Coldest Night. “It’s extremes that rivet us in Olmstead’s searing seventh novel: the heaven of first love; the hell of the battlefield . . . Olmstead’s extraordinary language gives us newContinue reading

We’re thinking about dad this week. And in upcoming blog posts, we’ll be sharing essays, personal stories and remembrances of time spent with dad. Dad who always has the answers. Dad who knows all the questions. Dad who seems to know all. But today, we have just one question: Why is it always so hardContinue reading

Robert Olmstead is the author of the national bestseller Coal Black Horse and Far Bright Star, which won the Western Writers of America Spur Award. An amazing writer whose work has been compared to Cormac McCarthy and Crane’s Red Badge of Courage, his latest work The Coldest Night has already started getting rave reviews from media andContinue reading