There are stories that you can’t put down, and there are those that you can’t wait to put down. The difference? Often, it comes down to tension. What’s pulling the readers through, hurtling them headlong toward the gripping conclusion? If your story isn’t quite grabbing readers, these insights from our editors might shed light onContinue reading

Like many authors, novelist Tim Johnston’s path to publication was rife with rejections. An earlier draft of the manuscript that would become his just-published novel Descent was turned down by eight different editors. Massive revisions followed, and when the new version came in to Algonquin editor Chuck Adams, it was immediately clear that this literaryContinue reading

No matter how you look at it, getting a rejection letter can take the wind out of your sails. It can be hard to keep going, or know what to do next. When it comes to rejections, though, writers have lots of company (see below). In a recent guest post for the fantastic blog TheContinue reading

In this high-wire act of derring-do and ersatz dialogue, senior editor Kathy Pories and executive editor Chuck Adams discuss one of the most challenging aspects of craft. Kathy: “Nice weather we’re having. Aren’t you sick of this rain?” Chuck: “I don’t know. I think it’s better than all the heat we usually have. Don’t youContinue reading

Algonquin authors, a spectacularly talented lot, are also exceptionally generous with their hard-earned writing advice. During the dog days of summer, even the most dedicated writer’s momentum can stall, so we’ve compiled another installment of Algonkian wisdom to help you keep going. Bill Roorbach, author of Life Among Giants and the forthcoming The Remedy forContinue reading

Algonquin is one of a dwindling number of publishing houses that still accepts unsolicited queries, and we accept them only through regular mail. Since you’ve worked so hard already and may soon be adding a stamp and a trip to the post office to your list of Things You’ve Endured to Get This Puppy OutContinue reading