When writers submit their projects for possible publication, it can feel like all of that hard work has been sucked into a black hole, especially if the response is ultimately a rejection. Having your project turned down can be as mystifying as it is disappointing: OK, so you’ve rejected my manuscript, but why?!? Obviously, weContinue reading

Algonquin authors, a spectacularly talented lot, are also exceptionally generous with their hard-earned advice for writers. The Internet being the time-suck that it is, we gallantly got sucked in on your behalf, rounding up some of our authors’ best gems into one handy-dandy little installment. Here’s hoping you find wisdom to fuel your own writing…Continue reading

Lee Smith’s writing has been published for 45 years, starting with what was her college thesis (The Last Day the Dogbushes Bloomed) and running through to the just-released Guests on Earth, but her education as a writer began in her father’s dimestore. Here’s what she told Michael Morris in their author-to-author interview for Southern Living:Continue reading

Writers are, first and foremost, readers. Their every sentence bears the mark of the cherished authors who have influenced them. And because many of our readers are also writers, we’ve created “On the House” to offer insight into our authors’ work, as well as advice from our editors and a peek inside our house. HereContinue reading