What Would You Do? Tackle These Ethical Dilemmas

  • A daughter gets tested to see if she’s a match to donate a kidney to her father. The test reveals that she is not the man’s biological daughter. Should the doctor tell the father? Or the daughter?
  • A deaf couple prefers a deaf baby. Should they be allowed to use medical technology to ensure they have a child who can’t hear?
  • Who should get custody of an embryo created through IVF when a couple divorces?
  • When you or a loved one is on life support, Who Says You’re Dead?

Smart, well-researched, and drawn from real life, the dilemmas in Who Says You’re Dead? will challenge and intrigue you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how consuming—and how much intellectual fun!—it is to ponder these conundrums. And how much you’ll want to talk about them with your friends and family.

Dr. Jacob M. Appel takes on hot-button issues like these and many more in his new book. Drawing upon his two decades teaching medical ethics, as well as his work as a practicing psychiatrist, this profound and addictive read offers up difficult ethical dilemmas and asks readers, what would you do?

Dr. Appel unpacks each hypothetical situation with a brief reflection that pulls context from science, philosophy, and history, explaining how others have approached these controversies in real-world cases. Who Says You’re Dead? is designed to defy easy answers and to stimulate thought and even debate.

Read more about Who Says You’re Dead?, available this Tuesday, to join the conversation.


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