Jonathan Evison’s latest novel is Legends of the North Cascades, a poignant and profound exploration of isolation and the ways connection can save us. … I have three kids, ages three, eight, and eleven, and make no mistake, I want them to be confident and curious. I want them to experience life to the fullest, andContinue reading

Polly Samson’s novel is A Theater for Dreamers, a spellbinding tour-de-force about the beauty between naïveté and cruelty, chaos and utopia, artist and muse. … There’s a fresh gardenia in a small stone jar on my worktable. It sweetens the whole room. They are tricky plants, gardenias—hard to please and reluctant to bloom—and cutting this singleContinue reading

Rachel Donohue’s novel is The Temple House Vanishing, a gothic page-turner set in an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Ireland. … I have an enduring fascination with ruined buildings, a consequence perhaps of too many afternoons spent reading ghost stories and mystery books. A locked gate, an overgrown driveway, some shuttered windows—they were all childhoodContinue reading

Layla AlAmmar is the author of Silence Is a Sense, a complex and fluid novel about memory, revolution, loss, and safety. … In early 2011, I—like countless others across not just the region but the world—watched as sparks of protest ignited into the flame of the Arab Spring. When I use the words sparks, ignited, andContinue reading

Louis Bayard is not the first to write about Abraham Lincoln, but Courting Mr. Lincoln is nowhere near old-hat. Read his essay explaining the gap in Lincoln literature his new novel aims to fill. • • • According to the Library of Congress catalog, 9,100 books have been published on the subject of Abraham Lincoln.Continue reading