Louis Bayard is not the first to write about Abraham Lincoln, but Courting Mr. Lincoln is nowhere near old-hat. Read his essay explaining the gap in Lincoln literature his new novel aims to fill. • • • According to the Library of Congress catalog, 9,100 books have been published on the subject of Abraham Lincoln.Continue reading

“Essential reading for anyone concerned about the delicate balance between national security and individual rights… as gripping as fiction.” — James Bradley, author of Flags of Our Fathers On American Soil by Jack Hamann blends an exhilarating mix of real crime and military secrets in the investigation of a World War II court martial.  As partContinue reading

Four movies and seven scripts ago, our fathers brought forth… Oh wait, that’s not quite right.  Maybe we’re a little too excited for Steven Spielberg’s movie Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis and out today, but it certainly is a nice companion for our Lucky 7 e-book, Lincoln on War, edited by Harold Holzer.  Pick up some portableContinue reading

“Robert Morgan’s lyric mountain language is equal to the epic sweep of history, to the grandeur of the land itself.” — Lee Smith, author of Mrs. Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger The focus of our Lucky 7 special this month is non-fiction because sometimes the truth is more fantastic than fiction, especially in the case of BooneContinue reading

The Stories behind the Stories Meet the people behind the icons, find the facts behind the legends, and discover forgotten stories you should know. These true tales turn out to be even more fascinating than the fictions that surround them. They’re almost priceless, you might say, at just $1.99 apiece for these e-books throughout November.Continue reading