In honor of Earth Day on Sunday, learn a little bit about some of our creepy, crawling neighbors on Planet Earth with Amy Stewart‘s Wicked Bugs books. It’s fun for all ages — so we’re offering up one copy of Amy’s original, New York Times bestselling book, Wicked Bugs: The Louse That Conquered Napoleon’s Army &Continue reading

With spring flowers blooming, our thoughts turn to gardening. Unfortunately, for many of us, green thumbs don’t make that turn, too. But Amy Stewart has us covered, From the Ground Up, so to speak. We’re featuring three of her classic books — at just $1.99 for the e-books through April 18, 2016 — to help theContinue reading

If you’re enjoying a margarita today for National Margarita Day, you can thank John Wayne. Yes, the Duke. Mark Bailey’s Of All The Gin Joints features the perfect Margarita recipe along with the story of the Margarita’s not-so-humble beginnings: “[John] Wayne was, if you can believe it, one of the very first drinkers to try a margarita.Continue reading

Fill the holiday season with tales and toddies, conversation and cocktails. These two books toast you and yours with merry reading — and even merrier drinking. Of All the Gin Joints by Mark Bailey, illustrated by Edward Hemingway True tales of celebrity hijinks are served up with an equal measure of Hollywood history, movie-star mayhem,Continue reading

December temperatures might keep you trapped indoors, but this month’s Lucky Stars offer you the chance to reconnect with the outdoors from the warmth of your living room. Get the low-down of the oddly beautiful courtship of a Neohelix albolabris woodland snail, heed warnings of paralysis-inducing shrubs, and discover how Rowan trees were used to prevent the dead fromContinue reading

Explore our wonderful world for the holidays. Start from The Ground Up and find 100 Flowers, 100 Vegatables, and every Nature Principle in between. Then take a trip to Venice or Paris with just one click.  Week 2 of our December Lucky Stars features 12 e-books at $3.99 or less about the wonders around us.Continue reading