Readers often wonder about the behind-the-scenes aspects of book publishing, and jacket design can seem especially mysterious. So today, Creative Director Anne Winslow explains how the gorgeous jacket for Krista Bremer’s profound and moving memoir, My Accidental Jihad, came about. “The challenge with this jacket was to find a way to show a mix ofContinue reading

Krista Bremer’s bold love story has sparked conversation not only about bicultural relationships but about all relationships. Because, really, aren’t all marriages bicultural when you think about it? In the video below, Krista talks about the response her story has gotten from people across the spectrum of relationships. And right below the video is yourContinue reading

Anyone  who spends hours at a time holed up inside his or her imagination knows that where we work can be vital to what we create. Our workspace anchors us to the real world and helps keep us going when the words won’t flow. Today, Krista Bremer, author of the moving memoir My Accidental Jihad:Continue reading