Hamilton mania hits its fever pitch-perfect this weekend with Sunday night’s Tony Awards. The whole country can get a glimpse of the runaway Broadway smash at the “HamilTonys” – where the show is nominated for 16 awards – and we won’t need $849 for a regular ticket or heaven-sent luck for the $10 ticket lotteryContinue reading

Just in time for Lee Smith‘s highly anticipated new novel, Guests on Earth, here’s a chance to read her other wonderful novels — each with a FREE preview of Guests on Earth! —  just $1.99 each for the e-book. Plus Lee chose three of her favorites by Algonquin authors to share, ones from Robert Morgan,Continue reading

The calendar says June 21 today, so that makes it official: Summer is here! And just as with swimming pools, cool beverages (see below) and biting mosquitos, summer just isn’t summer without those summer reading lists. Slather on the sunblock and settle in for these hot reads for the sunny days… Rebecca Lee’s Bobcat andContinue reading

The first page is what gets you. You cautiously open the book, careful not to crack the spine — not yet — and you glance at the first page. Chapter One. Maybe the Introduction. You’re wary, but you’re going to give the book a chance. Let’s see if the first sentence can grab me. AndContinue reading

Epic in scope and intimate in theme with “a blue-green, underwater feel, a timeless forgetfulness,” (Los Angeles Times), Michael Parker’s The Watery Part of the World weaves an entirely unique tapestry of a story from minor scraps of history.   The Watery Part of the World by Michael Parker Now available in PAPERBACK at IndieBound independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.Continue reading

Tayari Jones, author of Silver Sparrow The Love Wife by Gish Jen:  This novel takes us to the heart of the most complicated–and a complicating–American family. It broke my heart and then put it back together again. Last Seen by Jacqueline Jones Lamon: Sometimes poetry can take us somewhere that fiction just can’t. These poemsContinue reading