Books, Dance, and a Heartbreak Challenge!

This month we are celebrating the release of Maria Finn‘s memoir, Hold Me Tight & Tango Me Home! And just in time for Valentine’s Day, too.

If you’re interested in dance, literature, or love (all hands should be in the air), you can check out her blog here.

Personally, I’m excited about Finn’s Heartbreak Competition. In 100-200 words, she asks you to tell your tale of love and loss, and submit it for the chance to win a copy of the book (and be featured on her blog!). 200 words isn’t a whole lot, but then, who needs more space than that to describe searing rejection? Were I to submit my own, it would go something like:

“I met Scooter in woodshop in the 7th grade, he always let me use the better power-sander. He was really popular and I wasn’t, so it suprised me when he asked me to the winter dance. We danced to Emotions by Destiny’s Child. I swooned. On Valentine’s Day he bought me a chocolate-covered marshmallow heart from the Kwik-E-Mart. I swooned. Then I got the flu and was out for a week. When I came back to school he was dating Talia Fesser. I did NOT swoon.”

Hopefully you can all do better than that.


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