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We find ourselves in the throes of summer, filled with its infinite possibilities, warm nights, and life-changing adventures. Some of life’s most memorable moments happen during these months. And Gina Frangello’s novel, A Life in Men, reminds us to cherish each and every one of those moments.

So here at Algonquin, we’re celebrating life’s best moments — yours and ours. Click here to submit a photo of one of your favorite moments on our Tumblr page, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of A Life in Men. Snapshots of the perfect sunset, the best laugh, the quiet day spent with your favorite book, the most wondrous city you’ve ever visited, the oddest roadside attraction. Life’s simple and unexpected pleasures. (Keep them PG-rated, please.)

Please share as many photos as you’d like (though you will only be entered for a chance to win the book one time no matter how many photos you share) through Thursday, July 17, 5pm. We Algonkians will be posting some of our favorite life moments, as well. We look forward to sharing these moments with you.


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