Giveaway Tuesday: Of All the Gin Joints

IMG_1655The golden days of Hollywood featured celebrities with larger-than-life personalities and even grander drinking habits. Mark Bailey dives deep into Tinseltown lore, revealing the legendary alcohol-fueled fights, drunken seductions and movie set sagas — brought to life by Edward Hemingway’s spirited illustrations — in Of All the Gin Joints.

This book is like having your own hard-boiled bartender spilling stories upon stories.  It’ll make you long for the days of high Hollywood glamor and intrigue. But no need for pining, just fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win your very own copy of Of All the Gin Joints before it hits the shelves.

Here’s are few sips of the delicious mix of wit and scandal in Of All the Gin Joints:

•Humphrey Bogart got himself arrested for protecting his drinking buddies, who happened to be a pair of stuffed pandas.

•Barely legal Natalie Wood would only let Dennis Hopper seduce her if he provided a bathtub full of champagne.

joan crawford•Bing Crosby’s ill-mannered antics earned him the nickname “Binge Crosby.”

•Sweet Mary Pickford stashed liquor in hydrogen peroxide bottles during Prohibition.

From the frontier days of silent film up to the wild auteur period of the 1970s, Mark Bailey has pillaged the Hollywood vaults of history and lore to dig up the true—and often surprising—stories of seventy-five of our most beloved actors, directors, and screenwriters at their most soused.

Their bite-size biographies are followed by ribald anecdotes and memorable quotes. If a star had a favorite cocktail, the recipe is included. Films with the most outrageous booze-soaked stories, like Trader Horn, From Here to Eternity, and The Misfits, are featured, along with the legendary watering holes of the day (and the recipes for their signature drinks).

Pull up a barstool and hear the stories, drink the drinks, watch the movies, visit the hotspots—and share some laughs.

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4 comments on “Giveaway Tuesday: Of All the Gin Joints

  1. I have been reading Algonquin books for many years — never read one I didn’t love.

  2. How cool!

  3. catchy title, can’t wait to read this most of the actors are before my time but I’m sure all the story lines will be well worth reading

  4. this sounds interesting. old hollywood

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